Our History

VLK was originally established in the year 2010 by Drevus Valerik in the simulator of Svecia. After the merge between Teen Grid and Main Grid, the community found major success in a multitude of generations. Along the way, a veteran base spanning over 100 individuals would be born. Among them was Darksider Alex, a talented artist and content creator that would rise to become Vauktér alongside Drevus. Together, along with dozens of others, the two would work towards the establishment of a long-standing online gaming community.

Our Present

Today, VLK is known in two forms: Vaelkyr and Valkyrie. Valkyrie exists as the external project to create a large gaming forum & community that promotes positivity and personal development. Within the SLMC, Vaelkyr can be found in the sim of Apollinaire. Holistically, [VLK] can be found in a variety of online games such as Maplestory, Aura Kingdom, SecondLife, Tera, CS:GO and more!

Our Future

As VLK expands, our vision is to create the ultimate suite for gamers that provides incentives to keep on playing. By providing a track for the community, we promote positive qualities and healthy competition among our participants.

In the days ahead, VLK plans a two pronged approach towards expansion. Online, we hope to expand our name and brand across new MMOs and other online multiplayer arenas while keeping our core qualities in tact. Within SL, our goal is to establish Vaulkeras Prime, a fully explorable city that accentuates the history and culture of our team.


Meet the Team

Here are some quick bio's about the men and women that run the platform.

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One of the original founding members of VLK, Drevus is the current head of administration. In this role, he oversees the operations of the group; focusing on HR development, Marketing, Treasury, and External Relation functions.




Joining in 2011, Darksider Alex (Alexander) was a pioneer and visionary of the community. Focusing on growing as a creative mind, his dedication and passion for the project enabled him to become the Vauktér of Research and Development. In this role, he oversees the creation of in-game assets, marketing materials, and the overall innovation of the platform.

What we offer

Let us tell you why we're the premier gaming community and war platform.

  • Custom developed weaponry, armor and technology to enable you to do what combatants do best
  • A thriving, active discord community that provides a sense of direction and vision
  • Friendly, insightful members that are willing to help out and lead the way
  • A platform that allows you to develop and grow among friends

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